Creating visual and emotion-promoting images of brands at the stages of planning, buildup and support.
Cost of a logo development starts
at 30.000 RUB.
The scope of works includes:
  • 01.
    Analysis of data on technical specifications.
  • 02.
    Assessment of the competitive environment.
  • 03.
    Development of two alternative logo solutions.
  • 04.
    Presentation of the logo and its development in a corporate style using several media.
Corporate style development
Cost of the corporate style development starts
at 50.000 .
Stages of creating corporate identity:
  • 01.
    Analysis of the company, its goods, services, competitive environment, and target audience.
  • 02.
    Development of the unified graphic solution concept.
  • 03.
    Development and approval of sketches.
  • 04.
    Visualization of the basic elements and design of the Corporate Identity Media.

    • Corporate Identity Media include:
    • business documentation: letterheads, business cards, envelopes, folders, etc.
    • souvenir products: pens, notebooks, mugs, promotional CDs, bags, etc.
    • elements of the corporate environment - badges, badges, chevrons, etc.
    • design of vehicles.

  • 05.
    Designing a brand book and guidelines for all previously developed elements of corporate identity.
Design of printed promotional products
Creating Presentations
A multimedia presentation is a unique tool for promoting a company.
A dynamic visual and sound line makes the information demonstrative and accessible.
Presentation Objectives
Informing consumers, partners or investors about the company, its products, services and news.
Multimedia support for advertising campaigns.
Sales support and persuading potential buyers (a selling marketing kit).
Support of PR and BTL actions.
Constituent elements
  • Videos
  • Audio accompaniment
  • 3D models
  • Drawings, photos
  • Text
  • Animation
  • Navigation
Media Types

Efficiency of demonstration may be increased by using non-standard and original media, viz.:

USB media

Compact discs

CD business cards

Originally shaped CDs and DVDs

The cost of creating a multimedia presentation starts
at 15,000  and depends on the required volume
(for example, the number of slides), availability, variety
and quality of the provided content.

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