Okahim Industrial Chemistry.

Corporate identity for a supplier of chemical raw materials.
OKAHIM is a federal supplier of industrial chemistry of foreign and Russian production. The company works with the largest chemical concerns in Europe and Asia, and provides railway, auto and marine logistics services according to the “producer-client” scheme.

Old logo

The existing version was completely outdated. Line intersections and gradients were difficult to print. The logo mark on product labels merged into a single spot.

When developing the new corporate identity, we took these aspects into account. The main quality criteria for us were simplicity of forms and ease of the sign grasping.

Searching for the idea

Generation of an idea always begins with the search for the perfect association. We sketch references, write down an association map and select the most workable options.


We make quick sketches of the main ideas. We do not make a detailed drawing simply because we want to see whether the idea is easy to grasp when skimmed-through.

After the survey, it became clear that the most viable options were associated with the first letters of the name, smooth shapes, images of molecules and chemical compounds.

Presentation of options

We presented three main options of the logo. And displayed how the logo would look on media in reality.

Final version

The company name contains the rounded letters "o" and "x". "Oka" - an association with a river, water. Chemistry - also associated with liquids. And smooth shapes help maintain graphic and semantic softness. Bright modern shades of blue and yellow highlight the logo against competitors.

Company style

We developed a full-fledged corporate identity for the company. We designed: a catalog, folders, business cards, letterhead, souvenir products, a calendar and envelopes.

But our work with OKAHIM did not end there with the logo. Together with the customer’s team, we began developing a new catalog website, which should increase the online sales of products.

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