Marketingand Advertising.

The result you get:

Transparency and efficiency of advertising budget allocation

БольMore orders without sacrificing advertising budgets

The growth of return on marketing costs and advertising (ROMI and ROI)

Decreasing the cost per application (CPA) and the cost per sale (CPS) while maintaining or increasing their number.

Predictability of Results

Make the most of our resources in order to search for and attract your customers.






Comprehensive monitoring at all stages of advertising strategies implementation.
Stage 01
Immersion in the project
  • Analysis of promising audiences.
  • Analysis of significant competitors.
  • Attractiveness of a promoted product.
  • Technical and usability audit of the website.
  • Audit of ongoing advertising campaigns.
  • Analysis of the current traffic.
We generate:
  • recommendations for content upgrades;
  • goals and objectives for the campaign;
  • an advertisement campaign plan;
  • performance indicators and campaign quality criteria.
Stage 02
Stage 03
Incorporation of the following monitoring systems:
  • Yandex.Metrica;
  • Google Analitics;
  • an advertisement campaign plan;
  • Roistat end-to-end business intelligence system.
Stage 04
Automation of the following processes:
  • bid management using Marylin, Roistat, and Alitics;
  • tracking search results using the own SeoStat system;
  • collection and clustering of the semantic core.
Stage 05
Launching and supporting the campaign:
  • carrying out design, technical engineering and implementation of necessary changes using our own production base;
  • analyze quality and quantity of traffic;
  • A/B testing;
  • responding to the actions of competitors;
  • multi-channel analytics, taking into account intersection of advertising channels per all tasks (deals, leads);
  • collecting data to run retargeting and catching-up campaigns;
  • access to a personal account, where the client may track the progress of the advertising campaign;
  • monthly reports.

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