Not a very corporate-style calendar.

Not a very corporate-style calendar


Usually in November-December we bother with the idea of creating a super-conceptual calendar for the next year, using which we would be able to show our clients powerful design potential, fantastic creativity and indestructible corporate values.


Before the new year of 2016 we faced the same challenge. Only this time nothing good came into our heads. Awful weather, autumn depression, vitamin deficiency, the onset of flu and the ongoing economic recession were not inspiring at all. We wanted holidays, sun, heat, greenery, nature and further down the list.

We put our autumn-winter dream into creation, added the idea of an ideal web-studio that operated as a well-functioning mechanism.

Tools and materials

We took moss from the floodplain swamp of the left bank of the Volga river, we did not care for species, just got what looked nice
Montana spray paint for graffiti, imitating the CMYK palette
Corrugated cardboard, knives, adhesive tape, and glue
Canon 650D SLR
Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC

Print run

The total number of 719 copies: 54 pcs. of which were dragged home by the employees, 134 pcs. - presented to friends and acquaintances, 467 pcs. handed out to customers, 14 pcs. were taken by the executives on the quiet, and the remaining 50 pieces were given to our customer support and commercial services.


It all turned out pretty good. But to tell the truth, some ill-wishers say that one can use our calendar only from a distance of less than 3 meters - the numbers are too small. We do not believe them, but prefer not to argue. As on a boring office wall, it indeed attracts some attention.

According to the subscription service, out of 467 copies distributed to customers, 342 were actually placed on their walls. Distribution efficiency was 73.23%.

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