Stories from the heart of Amazonia.

An online store of goods manufactured in Peru.
We present you an online store of authentic goods from Peru. User-friendly interface and emotionally charged design will make your purchase a fascinating journey into the endless world of Amazonia.

About the Customer

Amazonia is a multilingual online store of eco-products made in the Amazonian region: food, clothing, cosmetics, and decorative items. The store sells and delivers goods worldwide..

The project team travels a lot in Peru, Brazil, Colombia, and other countries, collects tales of natives who have maintained their traditional way of life. To tell the stories of these people is the ideological mission of the company.

Progress stages

The customer tried to create a store by engaging different developers from Russia and Peru. However, he did not manage to achieve the main goal: the visual part did not reflect the whole ideology and atmosphere of the project.
All they were able to get was either a standard and boring online store, or a catalog site overloaded with visual images.

Project objective

To create an online store that would meet the following requirements:

1. Easy and intuitive interface.
2. Simplicity of purchase-making.
3. The visual style should be easily grasped by people with a different cultural code.

4. Design and structure should emphasize the main idea of the project - to tell the world about the history, traditions, lifestyle of indigenous people and the fragility of the Amazonian ecosystem.
5. The first step was to have the website in English and Spanish with the option that would allow increasing the number of language versions.


First, we formed the logic of interaction and user paths on the website. On paper, we outlined the main pages and the general website map.
We focused on a simple (3 steps) ordering process and tried not to overload the Personal Account with information.

Looking for the perfect style

This was the most exciting stage! Based on the prototype, we began to build up a visual image of the project.
We reviewed tons of images, read a bunch of articles about the natives of South America, their lifestyle and appearance,

and learned to distinguish the African patterns from the Amazonian ones. We listened to stories from the travel team of the client. And finally all of this came
together in a single style.

Word as Image and primary colors

The main colors are the traditional colors of the Amazonian ornaments - black and red; plus the accent colors - yellow and green which are also common in South America.
The font is a simple block type in two styles. Bold is for headings and accent texts, and light is for typing.

The font style supports several language families, which we require for different versions of the website.

Based on national ornaments, we drew several corporate patterns that we planned to use throughout the website in headers and illustrations.

Home page

We tell the user about all the features of the store: display categories of goods, show the most popular and promotional positions, talk about the philosophy of the company.

Ordering options

The ordering process is very simple. Just a couple of steps: put the goods in the shopping cart, fill out the order form, and press Submit. At each step, you can edit your purchases by adding or removing positions


Product Cards

We have developed two templates. The first one was for the majority of goods, with a description, characteristics and reviews. The second one was for products that would be sold through contextual advertising. This option may be enhanced by videos, infographics, additional photos, and descriptions.

Personal Account

In the personal account, the user can add products to the Favorites folder, track orders, or repeat the previous purchases. Saved personal data simplifies the checkout process.

Amazonia Stories

For this section, we have provided a comprehensive blog functionality. Stories can be shared on social networks, saved to the Favorites folder, the reader may also scroll from one story to another.

In order to add widescreen photos and videos on this page, we changed the grid. The articles became atmosphere-promoting. Not to miss new stories, one can subscribe to the newsletter.

Adaptive version

We made the ordering process convenient not only from a PC, but also from all kinds of mobile devices. We kept functionality of the personal account and the ordering process, and optimized everything for mobile traffic.

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