Mobile App Design.

The corporate application was created for the LFR Family group of companies, one of the leaders in the casual dining segment of the region. It was intended exclusively for internal use and allowed to get quick access to the restaurant menu, tests and information materials. A strict hierarchy of users has been created in the application, based on which access to certain functions was provided.


This section includes such categories as “Cuisine Menu” and “Bar Menu”, each of which contains a detailed description, composition of dishes and drinks, recipes, portion sizes, and the output of finished dishes in grams.


The application makes it possible to test personnel in order to assess their professional level and training efficiency. Tests are divided into the training and examination ones.

The user has the opportunity to undergo training tests an unlimited number of times, the number of the actual exam retakes is limited. It is important that the user can only see the tests of his/her restaurant. The administrator responsible for testing procedures can evaluate test results, suspend an employee until he/she passes the test, and to create new tests by him/herself.

Educational materials

The section contains a wide choice of information materials on restaurant subjects, viz. how to maintain discipline in an institution, help in preparing certain dishes, etc. Users can rate articles by clicking on the Like icon and bookmark necessary materials.

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