A website for Andor.

Andor is a specialized developer that builds various kinds of facilities, viz.: residential complexes, industrial buildings, trading and storage areas.


The client had to deal with a large number of disparate sites for each constructed facility.
Our team faced a challenge of creating a unified product.

The user of the new website should have quick access to information about the developer and to a detailed description of all projects.


We made the homepage a guide throughout all projects. Here the user could find out information about the company itself and go to the detailed description of a required facility in one click.

User flow

We've thought through a unified set of template pages for projects design: a page with a general description of residential complexes, a page with detailed information on the progress of construction, plans and prices for apartments. A uniform structure saved time and money. A detailed project page could be promoted in search engines as an independent product.


The prototype helps to track possible problems in the early stages of development and eliminate any identified shortcomings.


Rigorous and simple style. We used corporate colors to accentuate pages. The main emphasis was on visualization of facilities.

Word as Image and colors

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