We control quality and price of consumer interaction with advertising information
at all stages of customer acquisition

Website Audit

The audit is carried out in several ways
This is an assessment of the factors affecting the website’s top positions, indexing, and traffic.
What's being analyzed:
  • technical optimization - broken links, duplicate pages, correctness of robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, etc.;
  • text optimization - uniqueness of the content, re-optimized content, checking the relevance of the text to requests, etc.;
  • behavioral factors - failure rate, average pageview time, etc.;
  • commercial factors: options for delivery and payment for goods, prices, advertising of third-party resources, any particular feedback methods, etc.;
  • link profile - the number and quality of external links;
  • use of prohibited promotional methods - overspaming and re-optimization, site participation in automatic link exchange systems;
  • Other important points for promotion include social media icons and widgets, attractiveness of snippets, micro-layout, etc.
Usability Audit
This is an assessment of the website in terms of usability and convenience in order to improve conversion and behavioral factors.
What is being analyzed:
  • ergonomics and typography - compliance with typographic requirements, font quality, paragraph length, necessary headings, identical layout of all pages, etc.;
  • quality of basic navigation - location and structure of the catalog menu, breadcrumbs on all pages of the website, convenience of the shopping cart, etc.;
  • the main page of the website – its design, whether a unique selling proposal appears within 3 seconds, visibility and convenience of the menu, design of contact information, etc.;
  • product catalog: location of the catalog menu, design of all sections, the number of ways to navigate the catalog, etc.;
  • a product card - correct design of the title, subheading and description of the product, availability and quality of pictures, price options, etc.;
  • setting the registration function - whether the benefits of registration are properly explained; are there any options (including the brief one), what happens when a registration error occurs, etc.;
  • setting the “submit an order” function – whether there are any order options (including a brief option), what happens in case of an error, etc.:
  • setting the “search on the site” function: searching options, quality, reaction to the “nothing was found” situation, etc.;
  • other important elements include the company's logo, whether it is clearly visible or not, whether the phone number on the site is indicated, what is the main color of the background and text, etc.
Marketing Audit
This is an assessment of the website in terms of its business efficiency, an analysis of its audience and positions in a competitive environment.
What is being provided:
  • comparative analysis of competitors - comparison of websites by their type, structure, key requests and other parameters, possible channels for promoting competitors, evaluating competitors' advertising budgets, determining advantages and disadvantages of competitors, and so on;
  • analysis of the target audience - segments, customer profiling, interests, etc.;
  • forecasts on possible audience reach.

Audit of Advertising Campaigns

Continuous monitoring and analysis of the advertising campaign allows:
  • to identify the most effective channels for customer acquisition;
  • to identify sources of the highest quality visitors;
  • to implement the maximum possible coverage of the target audience within the existing budget;
  • to promptly identify the shortcomings of the current campaign and make the necessary adjustments;
  • to quickly respond to changes in the external competitive environment.
Which will result in: И в результате:
  • increased conversion and advertiser’s profit;
  • optimization of the advertising budget and saving the customer’s funds;
  • accurate prediction of advertising costs for a 6-12 months planning horizon.
Company's audit stages
Stage 01
Target Audience Analysis
Allows determining the most preferred channels for attracting users.
  • Profiling of typical representatives of the target audience is developed.
  • The potential of various advertising channels to reach all segments of the target audience is assessed.
Stage 02
Landing Analysis
Allows to identify weak links in the structure, functionality, site navigation, and to suggest corrective measures to eliminate usability problems and to properly configure statistics collection tools.
  • Site quality assessment - information content, product visualization, competitive advantages
  • Usability assessment - structure, navigation, availability and convenience of feedback channels
  • Analysis of ensuring high-quality statistics collection - goals, tags, identification of clicks per each advertising message
Stage 03
Analysis of the Current Advertising Campaign
Allows to evaluate efficiency of the content and demonstration of advertising messages and to develop enhancement recommendation.
  • Analysis of statistical indicators - advertising visibility, user reach, placement cost, etc.
  • Quality analysis of the advertising messages: unique trading offers, significant competitive advantages, etc.
  • Quality analysis of advertising campaign settings.
  • A / B testing of ads and creatives
Stage 04
Analysis of conversion and cost of advertising
Allows to evaluate the current cost of achieving the goals of the advertising campaign and to propose efficiency improving measures.
  • clickthrough rate (CTR) of the advertising message;
  • average cost per click (CPC);
  • conversion of advertisement into calls (calls, applications, etc.);
  • average cost per targeted action (CPA);
  • conversion of calls (applications) into sales;
  • the average cost per sale (CPS) and many other indicators depending on the analyzed channel.
Stage 05
Post-click and post-view analysis
Allows to segment visitors who have completed conversions by their characteristics and behavioral patterns for subsequent targeting of the identified audience.
  • Quality analysis of the audience attracted through advertising, viz.: audience activity, interest, loyalty, etc.
  • Dynamics analysis of the number of unique users
  • Analysis of user interactions with the website, viz.: user paths on the site, performing targeted actions, achieving conversion, etc.
  • Audience segmentation (assessment of current users), viz.: sources, multi-channel sequence, demographic data, used devices, regional distribution, activity by time of the day, conversion page, etc.
Stage 06
Analysis of the overall advertising efficiency
Allows to optimize advertising budgets and determine ways to expand the reach of the target audience.
  • Determining the cost of an application per each channel
  • Determining customer value per each channel
  • Identification of the most effective advertising channels resulting in sales
  • Estimation of the delayed effect of advertising
  • Evaluation of the synergistic effect from the use of various channels and cross-channel interactions.


Analytics Systems - Yandex.Metric and Google Analytics
Semantic core tools - Wordstat, Google Keyword Planner, Key Collector, etc.
Roistat and Alytics End-to-End Business Intelligence Systems
Keyword analysis tools for competitors - SpyWords, SEMRush, etc.
Call tracking and email tracking systems
Link monitoring tools - Yandex.Webmaster, Google Search Console, Linkpad.ru, etc
SeoStat automatic search engine position tracking system
Services for monitoring mentions on third-party resources and social networks - Google Alerts, Babkee, etc
Instrument performance analysis tools - Yandex.Webmaster, Google Search Console, etc
Instrument performance analysis tools - Yandex.Webmaster, Google Search Console, etc
Products and Prices

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Predesign analytics
at 20 000 
Project analytical support
at 15 000  per month
Usability audit
at 10 000 
Comprehensive website audit
at 20 000 
Advertisement campaign audit
at 10 000 
Installation and implementation of the end-to-end business intelligence system
at 10 000 
Installing web analytics systems, viz.: Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics
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