Social Media Marketing.

We will find your target audience in social media
and help build a long-term relationship with it.
Attract new customers.
Promote the brand.
Increase loyalty.
We will take care of all the necessary research and work.
Unique advertising opportunities:
  • finely tuned advertising campaigns for an unprecedented number of parameters (gender, age, place of residence (street and home address), profession, interests, consumer preferences, marital status, etc.);
  • the ability to create effective advertising campaigns for launching and promoting new goods and services that are still unknown to consumers and the demand for which has not yet been formed;
  • involvement of competitors.
Sales promotion
  • direct sales through the company's representative office in social networks;
  • promotion of repeat sales;
  • persuading those who is still hesitating to make a purchase using individual offers;
  • generation of loyal and potential customers.
  • creating a successful image of the company and brand;
  • increasing brand awareness and trust;
  • generation of authority and expertise with the help of professional content;
  • neutralization of negative stuff and corresponding preventive measures.
  • informing a wide audience about the brand, its goods and services;
  • quick notification of new products, promotions, discounts, etc.;
  • receiving feedback from customers and prompt response to incidents;
  • maintaining constant communication with customers;
  • stimulation of potential customers in conclusion of transactions with a long decision-making period (real estate, auto, tourism, equipment, etc.).
  • generation of demand for new goods and services;
  • increased customer loyalty;
  • expanding the community of fans of the brand by engaging networks of agitators and attracting opinion leaders.
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Our advantages

We achieve results even with small budgets.
We work effectively with a Russian-speaking audience abroad.
We use SMM to obtain an additional synergistic effect when simultaneously using different channels to attract users.

Work stages


Engaging a project work group: a project manager, an analyst, a SMM specialist, a targetologist, a copywriter, and a web designer.


Studying the client’s business. Formulating a task, collecting information about the target audience and competitors, and analyzing the current situation.


Development and coordination of a promotion strategy in social networks, a monthly work plan, a content plan, discussion and approval of KPI.


Registration of representative offices, setting up analytical systems, advertising campaigns, preparing materials in accordance with the content plan.


Project launch, testing and optimization of campaigns and strategies in general, depending on the data received and the dynamics of KPI achievement.


Project management, analytics, monthly reporting and proposals for modernization (if required).


The cost of promotion on social media is calculated individually for each project and depends on a selected and coordinated strategy, the timing of implementation, audience reach and the number of social networks through which this strategy is to be implemented.

The cost of promotion per one social network, including group management (posting and moderation), setting up and running an advertising campaign, starts at 35,000 RUB per month.

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