Display Advertisement and Programmatic.

Vivid visual message to your customers

Advantages of Display Advertising with R52.RU

The widest and fastest target audience reach

Visual images that we create get perceived faster and live on longer.

Automated traffic purchasing and advertising campaign management in real time based on Programmatic-platforms.

Extensive targeting options are instrumental in focusing on a relevant audience.

Use of both the selected sites for advertising, and the thousands of sites along with the Programmatic technology.

Individual approach to determining KPI depending on goals, a format of advertising and the stage of sales funnel.

Advanced campaign optimization algorithms for ROMI / CPA, as well as Post-Click and Post-View analysis.

Challenges that may be solved by means of Display Advertising

Company's Image and goodwill buildup
Brand development and support
Market launch of new products or services
Promoting audience loyalty
Broad announcement of events and promotions
Display Platforms and Spaces
  • Yandex Advertising Network
  • Google Display Network
  • MyTarget advertisement network
  • Maxtarget Display Network
  • Social media: VK, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin
  • Banner and teaser networks
  • Youtube video hosting
  • Smart TV
  • Price and commodity services, catalogs and platforms, such as Yandex.Market and Avito
  • Thematic Portals
  • App Store, Play Market and Mobile Applications
  • As well as more than 1,500 websites and applications through partner DSP platforms
Display Formats
1. Banner advertising
  • static and dynamic banners.
2. Text and graphic blocks
  • A text ad with a headline, a photo, and a brief description of the product or service.
3. Teaser advertising
  • an instrument to attract more users with bright, provocative or intriguing images.
4. Native (natural) advertising
  • it is placed inside non-ad content and doesn't stir up any ill-feelings
  • harmoniously fits into the page design, and perceived by the user as a natural continuation of the published information;
  • takes into account the website features and is within the scope of user's interests.
  • automatically adjusts in size depending on a device (cross-platform capacity)
  • able to convert from text to graphic format depending on placement
  • AdBlock does not get disabled (up to 50% of users use ad blockers)
5. Video advertising
  • broadcasting on Youtube, social networks and on Smart TV platforms.
6. Web and inapp mobile advertising
  • advertising in mobile versions of popular websites and social networks, in the AppStore, Play Market, and mobile applications.
Work stages
Definition of goals:
  • the company's image;
  • recognition;
  • loyalty;
  • market launch;
  • announcement;
Identification and segmentation of the target audience:
  • geolocation;
  • sex;
  • age;
  • subjects;
  • interests;
  • income;
  • look-a-like;
  • devices;
  • browsers, etc.
Media Planning:
  • formats;
  • platforms;
  • spaces;
  • deadlines;
  • cost of placement;
KPI coordination and approval
Development of creative ads
  • banners;
  • texts;
  • teasers;
  • audio and video;
  • landing pages;
Start of the campaign
Monitoring quality and quantity of traffic, A/B testing of creatives, and achievement of the planned KPI
Post-click and post-view analysis
Campaign Consolidated Reporting
Prices and Terms

We practice a flexible pricing approach.
The cost of a specific task is calculated individually and depends on the required time and labor.

Development of an advertising campaign strategy starts
at 20 000 RUB
Advertising campaign support
at 15 000 RUB per month
Development of banners and teasers
at 5 000 RUB
Video development
at 40 000 RUB
Landing page design
at 30 000 RUB
Programmatic purchases with an advertising budget
at 80 000 RUB

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