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Hosting from R52.RU is the optimal and reliable option for any Internet resources.
Advanced Server Technologies
  • 01.
    Our service is implemented on the basis of centralized autonomous hosting sites in data centers located in different cities of Russia and Europe.
  • 02.
    The central site is located in Moscow in RTKomm.RU data center and is implemented on the basis of its own equipment consisting of 6 powerful servers, combined into a single cluster using XEN Cloud technology.
  • 03.
    At all additional sites, only the latest models of DELL branded equipment have been installed.
  • 04.
    Own independent mail server with dual redundancy.
  • 05.
    All storage devices are integrated into a RAID, preventing loss of information.
  • 06.
    Several backup communication channels.
  • 07.
    Network equipment of such world leaders as Cisco Systems and Juniper.
  • 08.
    Advanced Cisco Systems Network Security.
  • 09.
    Uninterruptible first category power supply system.
  • 10.
    Climate control, ventilation and electrostatic protection systems.
Additional features for the most demanding customers:
Hosting servers equipped with ssd disks (up to 60 times faster than hdd disks).
Hosting with LiteSpeed web server (67% faster than nginx servers and 533% faster than Apache 2.4 servers).
Use of cPanel for convenient management of hosting services.
Instant delivery of static content (CDN) for customers of our European hosting.
Specialized hosting for CMS 1C-Bitrix websies.
Read more about our solutions for large-scale and high-load projects here.
Your online resources are safe and secure.
  • 01.
    Daily data backup.
  • 02.
    Round-the-clock server monitoring.
  • 03.
    Basic protection against DoS attacks for clients of all our hosting sites.
  • 04.
    An antivirus protection system with predictive detection of malware on your website.
Working with us is easy and convenient.

Each client is assigned a personal manager.

Our system engineers are always available if you require adaptation of our hosting to the needs of your project.

Our 24/7 technical support specialists will assist you in case of emergency with your website.

Domain registration
R52.RU provides domain registration and renewal services.
Russian domains
.ru .su .рф
Russian geographic domains
International domains
.com .net .org .info .pro .gov .me .biz .tv
International geographic domains
.eu .de .fr .it

More than 200 different domains!

Our specialists will help you choose the best domain for your website.

All R52.RU customers are welcome to use the free domain in the zone.

Fill out the form, pay for the service, and we will register the domain in your name for a period of one year.

In order to keep your website name, the domain should be renewed annually. Our managers will notify you correspondingly.

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Bitrix Business Hosting
Additional e-mail for 1 year
Mail services for 1 year
Website publishing
Back recording of a website
1 year domain name registration
1 year domain name renewal
DNS hosting for 1 year
Retransmission of documents
Тарифы на техподдержку
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