Afrikantov OKB Mechanical Engineering .

Website Re-design
Afrikantov OKB Mechanical Engineering, Joint-Stock Company is a large R&D Center of nuclear machine-building.


To create a new website that would emphasize the status of the enterprise as a leader in the national and global nuclear engineering, since the existing version was hopelessly outdated and required rethinking.

To implement a modern content management system with a convenient and intuitive administrative interface that would allow to flexibly manage changes in structure and functionality.


The History Line is an interactive element of the main page that allows the user to view the sequence of the most important events in the company’s 70+ year history and get acquainted with a specific event in detail by clicking on a corresponding element.

It turned out to be a convenient, cross-browser and adaptive slider with the function of desktop scrolling and a finger on the screen of a mobile device, including navigation per decades in the form of numbers and left / right arrows.


Especially for the product catalog, icons were drawn in order to simply and clearly reflect the major directions of OKBM's work.

Internal pages

On-site photo session

Word as Image and Colors

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