NBD Bank .

Re-design of the website
Task: to update the visual perception of NBD Bank, while maintaining a friendly image of a reliable partner for private and corporate clients. Make the website more advanced, accessible, convenient, and comprehensible.

About the Bank

NBD Bank is one of the top 150 largest banks in Russia, it is a partner of the Federal Corporation for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

It specializes in servicing and project-tied lending to entrepreneurs and individuals.


The basic concept is Modern Minimalism, an easy-to-understand interface in which the user can quickly find any required piece of information.


Simplicity of forms and the content, intuitive navigation and interface interaction.  



Product Pages

For each bank service we have created separate pages that provide specific information on all related terms.


A unified style of icons and pictograms has been developed. The wave is taken as a basis, symbolizing smoothness and consistency of action.


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