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SEO is necessary because:

Only interested users demonstrating a high conversion rate come from organic results.
The cost of attracting 1 visitor is lower than with other advertising channels.
Properly organized SEO has a long-lasting effect.
Analytics systems allow you to control and manage costs at all work stages.
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Get fast and convincing results.

Our special approach to SEO allows us to achieve impressive results even after the first month of work. Our methodology is based on a scoring analysis of each group of thematic queries that we generate in the process of collecting and clustering the semantic core of a website.

This allows to:

  • 01.
    Accurately determine and work-through the groups of queries that will reach the top of the search engines as quickly as possible, bringing targeted traffic to the website.
  • 02.
    Understand which requests are unpromising in terms of SEO-promotion, find out the reason behind it and immediately connect other marketing tools for these requests. This allows us not to waste your money and our time.
  • 03.
    Rate the traffic that can be attracted in respect of your field, your niche and in the required territory. You get an accurate forecast of the demand for your goods or services around the web.
  • 04.
    Develop a SEO strategy and a project work plan for 12 months in advance.
We will take care of all the necessary research and work
We explore the specifics, features and uniqueness of your business.
We will study and understand competitors.

Their promotion strategy and advertising companies, we will figure out their strengths and weaknesses, we will offer you the best options for adjustment.

We will form and cluster the semantic core (up to 100,000 requests).

We will carry out scoring for all groups of requests, determine their relevance and prioritize.

We will conduct a technical and usability audit of the website. We'll optimize it.

We will improve usability and create new landing pages. All proposals of our experts on changes regarding your website are based on our 15-year multi-industry experience and on a detailed analysis of competing sites that are in the top of search results for the entire semantic core and for each individual cluster of queries.

We'll set up monitoring and analytics systems.

We install Yandex.Metrica, Google Analytics, call tracking and email tracking systems, as well as our own automated tracking system for SeoStat search results.

We’ll introduce a Roistat or Alytics end-to-end analytics system, which allow us to qualitatively assess not only the quantity but also the quality of traffic coming to the website, as well as evaluate the contribution of all traffic sources to the conversion at all stages of the sales funnel.

We will provide a monthly work plan for a period of 1 year.

The plan details all the work that will be carried out on the website during 12 months.

We'll coordinate with you required key performance indicators.

According to the approved KPI, the quality of work shall further be evaluated. KPI performance criteria, guarantees and the applicable incentives will also be discussed.

We will engage a project team and get to work.

The project team at different stages of work involves from 5 to 8 specialists: a project manager, a web analytic, a SEO-optimizer, a web developer, a designer, a content manager, a copywriter, and an industry expert.

We constantly monitor the progress of the campaign, prepare monthly reports on performance and achieved results.

Each of our clients is assigned a professional project manager with at least 5 years of experience. If required, the manager will be available to your 24/7/365 by phone, e-mail, or messenger.

At the end of each month, you will be presented a report specifying completed works and achieved KPI.

If our company fails to carry out any planned work, resulting in the planned KPI not being reached, the contract cost may be reduced.

SEO-Promotion Strategies

Traffic promotion
The strategy is based on the promotion of a huge number (up to 100,000) of effective requests of different frequencies. This allows increasing traffic to the website immediately after optimization and protects against changes in search engine algorithms.

This strategy is most justified when promoting websites with a large assortment of goods and services or a significant amount of diverse content, viz.:

  • online stores
  • catalogue websites
  • news and information resources
  • educational and entertainment projects
The cost of website promotion in respect of traffic is 30 000 RUB and above per month.

The final cost is determined individually and depends on the region of promotion and the theme of your website.

Position Promotion

The strategy is based on website promotion only according to the most significant user requests (most often from 5 to 100). The site gets into the TOP - 10 of search results, the number of visitors is increasing, which means more calls and applications. Recognition and respect for the brand is also growing, as websites occupying high positions are trusted by a larger number of consumers. At the same time, the costs of search engine marketing are easily calculated and controlled.

Historically, this is the very first promotion technique that appeared on the Internet, and the one that continues to be relevant.

Position promotion is best for:
  • websites with a small amount of goods or services;
  • narrow-theme websites;
  • for company websites in order to create and maintain goodwill;
The cost of promotion website is 15 000 RUB and above per month.

The final cost is determined individually and depends on the number of requests being promoted, overall competitiveness of the field, and the region of promotion.

Lead Promotion

This type of promotion is extremely beneficial for the customer, as it implies payment for targeted actions of visitors only (viz.: calls, applications, orders, purchases, etc.)

However, application of this strategy is conditional and depends on serious preparatory work on the website.

What is required:
  • to conduct a comprehensive audit of the website, eliminate identified technical errors, make corrections to interfaces and business logic;
  • to perform optimization operations;
  • to carry out adjustment of the semantic core, on the basis of which the content must be upgraded;
  • to introduce new functionality to the website, to install trackers and analytics systems.
The following pre-requisites are necessary for successful implementation of the lead promotion strategy:
  • Confidence and quality interaction between the agency and the customer;
  • Willingness and desire of the client to work on improving their website and on optimizing their business processes;
  • implementation of the end-to-end analytics system;
  • understanding of the need to consider agency's recommendations regarding pricing.
The cost of promotion with payment for leads is 80 000 RUB and above per month.

The final cost is discussed individually and depends on quality of the website, characteristics of the business and overall competitiveness of the field.

The result you get:

Improvement of the website selling qualities that will remain relevant for at least 5 years.

Forecast of demand for your goods and services for the year, i.e. the opportunity to plan your marketing costs, your income, and development prospects of sales departments.

The ability to control the work of our company in accordance with the agreed work plan for a 12-months period.

Decrease in cost per application (CPA) and cost per sale (CPS) with an increase in their number.

Increased Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI).

Stable growth of traffic and applications from search engines.

If you want to get a guaranteed increase of your sales in a short time and at a reasonable price, send us a request and we'll provide: analysis of your website, a promotion strategy and an estimate budget for works to be performed.

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