Context Advertising

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We solve the following tasks:
Attract hot buyers.
  • Yandex and Google search campaigns targeted at those who have already decided to make a purchase and is not choosing “where and from whom to buy”.
  • “Catching up” and stimulating campaigns in Yandex Advertising Network (YAN) and Google Display Network (GMS) for those who are looking for a product (service) right now somewhere around the web or has postponed a purchase for several days.
Keeping potential buyers and stimulation of secondary sales.
  • Retargeting in Yandex.Direct and remarketing in Google Adwords aimed at visitors who left the site and did not make a purchase in order to persuade them to the desired action by attractive offers, additional services, individual discounts, etc.
  • Retargeting in Yandex.Direct and remarketing in Google Adwords, aimed at keeping regular customers and stimulating repeat sales by informing about new products, new arrivals, loyalty programs, discounts, etc.
Conducting effective counter-competitive activities.
  • Setting up advertising campaigns in the search and advertising networks Yandex and Google according to the branded requests of your competitors, allowing you to talk about your advantages and “draw over” their customers.
Expanding the audience of potential consumers.
  • The use of trained targeting technology - look-a-like - allows you to find and focus on users whose typical portrait and network behavior is similar to the behavior of your existing customers. The system itself searches for users with similar characteristics and shows them ads, working in advance of demand.
  • The use of geo-targeting technology allows you to focus on users who are often in certain locations (house, quarter, street, settlement), and makes it possible to broadcast ads not by key requests, but by the location of the consumer.

Advantages of cooperation with R52.RU:

A systematic approach to each client
In the process of supporting each advertising campaign, at least three specialists get involved: a marketologist, a contextologist, and an analyst.
A. Marketing Tasks
  • to study the product, market, typical consumer and closest competitors;
  • develop an advertising campaign strategy, determine the architecture of the campaign and the required tools;
B. Tasks of the context-specialist
  • create an advertising campaign;
  • daily monitoring of budget spending, tracking bids, cut off inappropriate click-throughs;
  • check the quality (effectiveness) of advertisements;
C. Tasks of the analyst
  • set up data collection tools
  • accumulate information about site visitors and their targeted actions;
  • Identify errors in the strategy and settings of advertising campaigns, as well as in the structure and content of the client’s website, which decrease results and interfere with sales;
  • on the basis of the acquired results, make adjustments to the campaign strategy, suggest ways to improvement and development;
Maximum automation and comprehensive control
In addition to the standard Yandex or Google functionality (Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics), we use a large number of additional tools that make our advertising campaigns more competitive.
  • Auto Quality Control Systems
  • Automated bid management systems (Marilyn, K50)
  • Automatic Budget Anti-Click Systems
  • Call tracking and email tracking systems
  • End-to-end business intelligence systems (Roistat, Alytics)
The most efficient use of the current functionality of Yandex and Google
  • Development of Mobile Ads
  • Development of turbo and amp pages
  • Integration with metrics
  • Automated online store campaigns (XML feeds, smart banners, dynamic ads)
  • Banner, full-screen and native ads in mobile applications
Transparency and predictability of advertising budget spending
  • A detailed media plan for 6 months at the start of the campaign with a forecast of traffic and KPI
  • Permanent client's access to the Personal Advertising Account, Yandex and Google metrics
  • Monthly reporting on expenditures and achieved KPI
  • Noticeable decrease in cost per application (CPA) and order cost (CPS)
Reasonable prices
  • Creating and setting up an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct with 10,000 RUB and above.
  • Creating and configuring an advertising campaign in Google Adwords with 10,000 RUB and above.
  • Creating and configuring an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords with 17500 RUB and above.
  • Conducting an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct with 8000 RUB and above per month + 10% of the advertising budget
  • Conducting an advertising campaign in Google Adwords with 8000 RUB per month + 10% of advertising
  • Conducting an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords at the price of +12,000 RUB per month + 10% of the advertising budget

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