Teploenergo, JSC.

New approaches and website redesign for heating energy supplier.
Teploenergo, JSC is the most important supplier of heating energy in one of the largest regional centers of Russia, Nizhny Novgorod. The company supplies heat and hot water to more than 8300 facilities, including 5700 apartment buildings and 650 social institutions in all parts of the city.

Cooperation History

R52.RU has been working with Teploenergo, LLC since 2015, when the company recognized importance of Internet in customer relations, which required improvement of existing online resources.

At the first stage, design of teploenergo-nn.ru was re-worked, 1C-Bitrix, a new content management was introduced, the speed of work was optimized, and an application processing procedure was automated.

Next, new online tools were introduced, viz. a trouble request, a question form, and a service application submission service.

At the same time, an intranet portal for employees, intranet.teploenergo-nn.ru, was developed and launched.

Currently, R52.RU covers maintenance and development of almost all web resources of Teploenergo, JSC.

New Challenges and Approaches

Over time, it became apparent that during the years of our cooperation, dramatic changes have taken place in the public utilities market. The needs and convenience of the consumer began to come first. Federal social policy and the logic of development of modern society required resource-supplying companies to take a responsible attitude towards maintaining high quality and accessibility of their services as an essential component of the infrastructure as a whole. 

Teploenergo, JSC in order to remain an industry leader must be a service company focused on its clients and reliability of its services.

It is necessary to solve the “face-to-client” task with the help of a modern website, with integrated opportunities to receive all available services online.

It became apparent to the company’s management that their existing resource required major re-work, not just individual interventions. And the first step was to change approaches to presentation of information and to make new features available for the client.

The work began by analyzing the needs of the audience. Together with the customer team, we studied the statistics of the old website, analyzed the most frequent client requests, figured out the most frequent problems that call-center managers often face, etc. The collected material became basis of the technical specifications and the website prototype.


The structure and logic of the site was worked out. The principal decision was to divide user flows into two main groups: individuals and legal entities. Each group was assigned its own section on the website.

The main emphasis was made on quick access to the most popular services and online tools that help interact with the company.

Project Style

Teploenergo, JSC is widely and well-recognized by elements of corporate identity - by colors of special vehicles, by the uniform of employees, overalls of repair crews, by processing documents, announcements, etc.

Therefore, the natural decision when generating the modern appearance of the website was, inter alia, following the primary style of the company. 

Easy and clean service design without unnecessary details and distracting animation was the main idea of ​​the new teploenergo-nn.ru website.

Everything was aimed at ensuring prompt and easy accept to the necessary information by the user.

Home Page

The main task of the home page was to distribute the flow of users into two main groups - "Individuals" and "Business", so the user may select either option right away on the first screen. 

The most common reason to visit the website is the need to report problems and accidents. The link to this function is made perfectly visible from the first glance at the screen.

The most demanded services are also brought to the forefront: “Submit meter readings”, “Pay online”, “Register your device” and “My account”.


Teploenergo, JSC serves hundreds of thousands of private consumers and thousands of businesses at the largest regional center in Volga region. During the usual course of business, it is often necessary to inform a wide range of customers on newly introduced technical and service capabilities, marketing campaigns, socially significant events, etc.

A bright slider in the beginning of the home page serves the aforementioned purpose. 


In order for the client of the company to be able to resolve most of questions remotely, special online forms have been developed for the most common requests. Currently, the consumer does not need to come or even call the company. Everything can be done online using the website.

Internal Pages

The internal pages of the website contain information for general reference, viz. information about the company, news, description of services and corresponding documentation, a Q&A section, vacancies with the possibility of responding to a job opening and much more.

Layout and Programming

Cross-browser adaptive layout of the website was implemented using the Webpack assembly system. For writing and compiling styles, the SASS CSS preprocessor was utilized. Scripts that provide interactivity on the pages were written in JavaScript.

The website was programmed using 1C-Bitrix: Site Management platform. The website has successfully passed quality monitoring and also supports composite technology, which contributes to the instant loading of pages.


Сайт корректно работает на всех видах устройств. На мобильной версии мы проработали быстрый доступ к самому важному функционалу — возможности сообщить о неполадке и контактным данным горячей линии.

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