Website for ISP-GROUP.

SP GROUP is an engineering company that operates in the field of production, integrated supply and maintenance of airfield, municipal, road-building and other special-purpose equipment. ISP GROUP is also a leading Russian distributor for the world's largest manufacturers of special equipment.


Redesign of the company’s website taking into account modern requirements in respect of information visualization as well as ease of navigation and compatibility with any device.


The task of the homepage was to make a good first impression on the user, to make an attention-getting presentation of the company, to summarize the main activity fields and to help promptly find required information on the website. Therefore, the entire first screen was occupied by a slider representing the main activities of ISP GROUP and the Catalog Menu.


Emphasis was placed on visualization of the main products. Each technique was assigned its own unique background.

Catalog menu

The menu is integrated into a fixed sidebar on the left side of the screen. Access is available from any page or point of the website, which secures instant search options on any technological piece of interest.


Several version of the icons package have been drawn for the catalog menu.

Internal Pages

All internal pages have been created based on simplicity and functionality. 16 original pages were developed.


The catalog card contains information about intended use of equipment, a manufacturing company, a country of origin, technical characteristics, and other features. It has become possible to upload tables, images, video reviews, and printed materials, allowing the visitor to get the necessary amount of information and to make a corresponding decision regarding necessary equipment.


News pages talk about key aspects in life and work of the company.


The page where ISP GROUP executives introduce users to the history and achievements of the company, as well as to the most interesting business cases.


The page contains a feedback form, as well as details, addresses, directions, phone numbers, and e-mails of all company divisions in Moscow and RF regions.

Word as Image and colors

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