Mobile homes for travel.

Corporate website for the manufacturer of special vehicles.
Love for comfortable travel and active vacation – that's what our project is dedicated to.

About the Customer

VolgaTrade is engaged in the manufacture and sale of automotive equipment and serial production of the largest automobile plants in the country. The priority area is manufacture of mobile homes on the basis of such all-wheel drive vans as GAZ, KAMAZ, URAL, and ZIL. Each mobile home is a unique customized project that is developed specifically for each client.

Goals and objectives of the project

The company had several websites: a corporate one and an online store. Both resources were outdated and difficult to update and maintain. It was hard for the users, and the company managers themselves, to understand the illogical structure of the catalog, and the design did not either support or reflect the ideology of the project in general.

Our task was to create a single resource that would make the company's products known to people. The website should have become a useful tool for managers and in order to provide detailed information on all available models. It was important to focus on the priority field - design and development of mobile homes. Through visual images, we should have connected the company with travel and outdoor activities.


We decided on the structure of the website. We tested the user's path to the target action and prioritized functionality on each page type. The most complex and informative page was the product card.

Project style

A mobile home is a major and very emotion-related acquisition. A person studies many of similar proposals before deciding on a manufacturer. It was important for us to hook the user with the atmosphere. We decided to talk about a complex and expensive product through emotions. Traveling, freedom, outdoor activities with comfort - this was the message that we adhered to.

Natural colors, a rounded accent font for headlines, and a clean sans serif font for the main text.

We drew a topographic pattern, catalog icons and several photo illustrations with the most popular models of racetracks.


The main task of the page was to present the company and to focus on the fact that VolgaTrade is a manufacturer, show the latest projects and give quick access to the catalog. The catalog was divided into several categories.

Product Card

The main information load is on the product page. The user is provided with: photos, specifications, description of configurations, schemes and 3D models, videos, and product documentation.

Built-in 3D Tour

In the card of the most popular models, the user can take a virtual tour. We have provided the ability to add a 3D tour to any product catalog.

Company Page

We talk about the company as emotionally as about its projects. We describe the mission and values, introduce the team and answer the most common questions.

We launched the initial version of the website. Together with the client’s team we are planning to develop a configurator using which customers will be able to assemble a required mobile home directly on the website.

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